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BRP pro Energy Disc

Pain Relief and Overall Wellness

Remove Energy Blockages,  Stimulate Acupressure


Reflexology Points,  Relief Muscular Contraction, 

Improve Circulation,  Reduce Inflammation.


The Theory of BRP

Bio-Resonance Paramagnetism

It combines Western Muscular Contraction, Chinese Acupressure Theory, and New Science Energy Technology.

As we all know, most pains and illnesses are 

by improper blood circulation. Muscles contraction, muscle knots, blockages prevent blood circulation that causes poor nutrient absorption and distribution, high blood pressure, detoxification, and many more...  Blood circulation carries oxygen and vitamins

to fight against viruses and bacteria.

Vibration energy of the BRP pro Energy Disc releases blocks by loosening muscle contractions at the Trigger Points or Ashi Points, (see. illustration)

thus improve blood circulations.


How BRP works

Both Western and Chinese Therapy helps locate the Trigger and Ashi Points, these are the root points of pains and illnesses. (see. illustration)

The BRP pro energy disc to relieve contracted muscles and knots by its vibrational energy.  

brp testing.png
therma heat pic.jpg

What is BRP Energy

Disc made from

It is made from special selected Meteorite, Crystal powderand magnets. 

Each mineral emits different energy wavelengths and patterns, creating a fluctuating vibration frequency, which is able to relax the muscle, loosen the blockage and improve circulation.

Benefits of BRP pro 

Energy Disc

- Vibration energy loosens muscle contractions and knots and blockages

- Relief Pains

- Improve blood circulations

- Boost cellular energy

- Stimulate reflexology points to enhance organs and system functions.

How to use BRP effectively

The root cause of pain is called Trigger Points (Western) or Ashi Points (Chinese), for a single pain, there may be 1 or more root points.

For better results, we need to start from the root point and not on the area of pain. 

Example of Headache, the pain is on the head, and the root point is on both muscles beside cervical, search for a painful point along the muscle, massage for 10 seconds, the headache will reduce. if we do it correctly, it just takes a few minutes to solve the problem.

Other kinds of pains, please refer to videos and illustrations

headache pic.png

What Illnesses can BRP Helps?

Pain Relief

Headache, Migraine, Cervical Pain, Neck and Shoulder ache, Frozen Shoulder, Arm Numbness,

Tennis Elbow, Wrist and Finger Pain, Back Pain,

Waist Pain, Lumbar Pain, Leg Numbness, Knee

Pain, Ankle Pain, Heel and Foot Pain, Gout,

Menstruation Pain, Toothache, pain related to muscles.

Reflex Points Stimulation

Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, stimulating reflex point signal specify organ or system for better functions. 

We use the major points in the 14 meridian vessels, each meridian vessel belongs to an organ or system.

For the details of Pain Relief and Reflex Points Stimulation, please refer to Videos and Illustrations.

pain illustrations.png
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